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    We know from experience that property management is a complex and challenging task that requires expertise and dedication. We are proud to be a leading name in the property management industry, with a wealth of experience and a team of dedicated professionals dedicated to the effective management of our property portfolios. We provide financial, commercial and technical management of property portfolios.


    Our expert administrative professionals are adept at managing all financial and administrative aspects. From rent collection and rent accounting to budget planning and service charge settlement, we ensure seamless and efficient handling of all financial and administrative obligations.


    Our technical property management specialists, together with our partners, take care of property maintenance and repairs. From routine maintenance to emergencies, we are on standby 24/7 to ensure that our tenants are happy and our property remains in top condition.


    Together with local estate agents, we ensure that vacant properties remain vacant for only a short time at most and that through good commercial management in cooperation with our maintenance partners, reletting can be done quickly. We work with clear lease contracts and get good advice from the local estate agent on the rent and other financial conditions that are common in the local market.

    Van Der Horst
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