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    How we work

    We understand that selling property is an important decision. It always involves large sums of money and there is always an emotional attachment to the property due to the activities that take place there. We aim to make this process as efficient and transparent as possible for you. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how we proceed:


    Step 1: Gathering information

    When you want to sell your property, simply send us all the relevant information about the property you want to sell. This includes location, property type (residential, logistics, industrial or office), further features you deem relevant to mention and the price you have in mind.


    Step 2: Indicative bid within 48 Hours

    Within 48 hours, we will send you - completely free of obligation - an indicative offer. If this pleases you, we will proceed to the next step.


    Step 3: Viewing

    We schedule a viewing. This allows us to carry out an inspection "on-site".


    Step 4: Binding offer within 5 days

    You will receive a binding offer from us within 5 days of the viewing. Our offer is valid for 1 week.


    Step 5: Acceptance and purchase agreement

    If you accept our offer, we will draw up a sale and purchase agreement. This agreement contains all the details of the transaction, including the purchase price and further conditions. You will receive the agreement by e-mail so you can read it immediately, at your choosing together with your advisor. After agreement, we as buyer and you as seller sign the agreement.


    Step 6: Notarial transfer

    After signing the purchase agreement, the date for the notarial transfer will be planned in consultation with you. This is when the transfer of ownership is made and the purchase price is transferred to you via the notary.




    If you would like to receive a proposal for your property, please complete the questions below as fully as possible. We will contact you within 48 hours and/or if the information you provide is complete, we will immediately prepare an indicative offer proposal.

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