• 3 – pauw
  • 4 – vissen
  • 7 – druppels
  • 5 – zonnebloem
  • 1 – vlinder
  • 2 – appel
  • 6 – potloden

Van der Horst Property Management GmbH

The administration of the real estate will be managed by the Van der Horst Property Management GmbH. The team of the Van der Horst Property Management will coordinate its tasks through its agencies at Düsseldorf and Berlin.

Due to substantial expertise combined with the knowledge of regional markets and requirements we are your first choice for integrated property management solutions. Our goal is personal and reliable management of your real estate portfolio. We concentrate on efficient management, continuous tenant care as well as sustained value increase by revealing cost saving potentials and the optimization of administrative processes.

At the activation of the residential estates the Van der Horst Business Group can appeal to specialized internal or external network partners in all fields of business; Architecture, Construction, Management, Financing, Investment, Marketing, Market research, Project development, Project support, Field report and Advertising.